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Year 1

Children in Year 1 start each term with a new topic which begins with a Wow Factor experience and ends with a Fantastic Finish. Children will enjoy books throughout each topic, with two that they will become very familiar with. The unit plans set out how subjects are woven throughout the topic.

Curriculum Overview

Autumn Term - Where I Belong

Sensational Start: Local Walk/ St Hugh's church visit

Fantastic Finish: Visiting a nursing home/ Community Project

After a walk to appreciate where we live and our local environment, children will be looking at and drawing maps of the school and Lewsey Farm. They will think about people who are special to them and what it means to belong. Children will research significant events, places and people in history from the local area.

Children will have the opportunity to taste a range of available fruit and vegetables before making fruit kebabs. Children will have the chance to reflect on Christian celebrations and beliefs. Through the book ‘The Name Jar’ children will learn to appreciate that their name is special. They will recognise the importance of having a growth mindset and an understanding and acceptance of differences. The topic will end with a visit to a nursing home or participating in a community project.

Autumn - Where I Belong


Spring Term - The Great Outdoors

Sensational Start: Shuttleworth Collection/ Stockwood Discover Centre

Fantastic Finish: Southfield Flower Show

Children will all plant a sunflower and will look after them during the topic. This topic culminates in the Southfield Flower Show. Children will design and make a small garden in a tray to display and awards will be given out, including for the tallest sunflower!




The character Katie Morag will be used to support comparison between where we live and the Isle of Coll. Children will learn about different trees, plants and flowers and create art using natural materials.




Spring - The Great Outdoors


Summer Term- Once Upon A Time

Sensational Starts: Banana Brain Fun shows – Puppet Workshop/ Letter to the King / Duke and Duchess of Cambridge/ Warwick Castle Visit

Fantastic Finish: Fairytale Tea Party
Children will begin the topic with a puppet workshop by Banana Brain Fun shows. They will learn about old toys, finding out about toys from long ago and the toys played with by their parents and grandparents. Children will investigate different materials, finding out why toys are made from particular materials and how this has changed over time. In Design Technology, they will explore joining materials together by sewing, and then creating their own hand puppets.

Later in the term, the children will have the opportunity to visit a real castle on a visit to Warwick Castle. They can appreciate the size and scale of such buildings as well as imagine what life might have been like living in a castle. Stories about knights, princesses and dragons spark children’s imagination and enthusiasm for the topic.

The children will learn about kings and queens, and write to King Charles III to ask him questions about how he lives and what he does for the country. We hope to receive a reply from Buckingham Palace! Children will study the art by Paul Klee and create their own ‘Castle and Sun'. They will finish the topic with a fantastic Fairytale Tea Party.

Summer - Once Upon A Time