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Teachers and children use Power Maths to help them support their learning in maths. This scheme of work is new to us as a school (September 2021) and we are all enjoying our exciting and challenging mathematical journey which is being reviewed and developed.

The mastery approach at Southfield allows children to work together as a class on their fluency skills at very regular intervals. Some children will need further support with this area depending on their individual need and either the class teacher or teaching assistant will provide that support where appropriate. Children will then progress to an activity that allows them to consolidate their learning and apply their work in a new way. Children who are then confident and able to do so will then move to a problem that will give them the opportunity to work on their reasoning and application skills.

Maths Overview - Nursery

Maths Overview - Reception

Maths Overview - Year 1

Maths Overview - Year 2

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Power Maths Calculation Strategies and Progression

Power Maths Reception Calculation Policy

Power Maths KS1 Calculation Policy

Power Maths LKS2 Calculation Policy

Power Maths UKS2 Calculation Policy

Power Maths KS1 ProgressionPower Maths LKS2 ProgressionPower Maths UKS2 Progression