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We use Monster Phonics as our scheme for teaching phonics for early reading and spelling. This is because we are committed to a rigorous approach to securing early reading and literacy skills.  Monster Phonics ensures a consistent approach and full engagement in the learning, through the characters, songs and stories. WordBlaze is used as an intervention with children in Key Stage 2 who may need further support to reach the required standard.

Talk 4 Writing is used throughout the school to teach reading and writing. Children learn key texts using actions and study the way the text has been written from a reader’s perspective as well as a writer’s reasons for using specific grammatical devices. They also use the structure to write their own texts.

Reading Curriculum - Overview

Reading Curriculum - KS1

Reading Curriculum - KS2

English Overview - Early Years

English Overview - KS1

English Overview - LKS2

English Overview - UKS2