Southfield Primary

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Our Staff

Leadership Team 

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs S. Baldwin - Headteacher

Mr A. Bee - Deputy Headteacher

Mrs N. Comben - Deputy Headteacher/SENCo

Phase Leaders

Mrs N. Comben - Early Years (Nursery and Reception)

Mr D. Ruffett - Key Stage 1 Phase Leader (Years 1 and 2)

Miss K. Green - Lower Key Stage 2 Phase Leader (Years 3 and 4)

Mrs C. James - Upper Key Stage 2 Phase Leader (Years 5 and 6)


Early Years


Swan/Cygnet Class

Mrs H. Taylor - Class Teacher

Miss A. Nicol - Early Years Assistant

Mrs S. Shambi - Early Years Assistant


Penguin Class

Mrs K. Wright - Class Teacher

Mrs R. Begum - Learning Support Assistant

Puffin Class

Miss U. Karim - Class Teacher

Miss S. Morris - Early Years Assistant


Key Stage 1

Year 1

Kingfisher Class

Miss C. Rayner - Class Teacher

Mrs R. Nolan - Learning Support Assistant

Owl Class

Miss D. Kenny - Class Teacher

Miss M. Hack - Learning Support Assistant


Year 2

Nightingale Class

Mrs N. Zaman - Class Teacher

Miss S. Hunter - Learning Support Assistant

Robin Class

Mr D. Ruffett - Class Teacher

Mrs N. Choudhury - Learning Support Assistant


Lower Key Stage 2

Year 3

Parakeet Class

Miss R. Whitlock - Class Teacher

Mrs T. Creasy - Learning Support Assistant

Peacock Class

Mrs R. Ali - Class Teacher

Mrs S. Patel - Learning Support Assistant

Year 4

Flamingo Class

Miss K. Green - Class Teacher

Toucan Class

Mrs T. Choudhury - Class Teacher

Year 4 classes are supported by Mrs C. Cahill, Mrs S. Playforth and Mrs S. Khaled - Learning Support Assistants


Upper Key Stage 2

Year 5

Eagle Class

Miss H. Zunguzah - Class Teacher

Mrs S. Gilligan - Learning Support Assistant

Hawk Class

Miss N.Scarry - Class Teacher (Currently Miss N. Suleman)

Mrs T. Taylor - Learning Support Assistant

Year 6

Falcon Class

Mrs C. James - Class Teacher

Kestrel Class

Mrs S. Kiss - Class Teacher

Year 6 classes are supported by Mrs K. Khalid - Learning Support Assistant


Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Miss S. Bahaar

Miss W. Dickman

Mrs J. Morrison

Mrs G. Twining

Mrs L. Webb

Pastoral Team

Miss D. Hubbard - Pastoral Team Lead

Mrs E. Wainwright - Learning Mentor

Miss L. Wilson - Learning Mentor

Miss M. Loney - Behaviour Support Assistant


Office Staff

Miss D. Keech - Admin Manager/PA to SLT

Mrs M. Williams - Senior Finance Officer

Miss D. Hartley - Welfare Assistant

Mrs M. Landy - Administration Assistant

Mrs C. Rayner - Attendance Officer


IT Technician

Mr J. Taylor 


Care Club

Mrs T. Creasy - Assistant

Miss D. Hartley - Assistant

Miss M. Loney - Assistant


Midday Supervisors

Mrs D. Battlebury - Senior Midday Supervisor

Mrs Y. Akhtar

Mrs S. Anwar

Mrs G. Barat

Mrs F. Batool

Mrs N. Batool-Shah

Mrs S. Battaloglu

Mrs F. Begum

Mrs S. Begum Nipa

Mrs R. Bhanu

Miss K. Conquest

Ms T. Kanwal

Ms L. Mehigan

Miss F. Noor

Mrs N. Phillips

Mrs J. Richmond

Mrs N. Sudani


Kitchen Staff

Miss V. Hammond - Kitchen Manager

Miss S. Dixon - Cook

Mrs A. Elateeig - General Kitchen Assistant

Mrs A. Golinczak - General Kitchen Assistant


Premises Team

Mr B. Singh - Site Agent

Mrs D. Battlebury - Cleaning Supervisor

Mrs N. Batool-Shah - Cleaner

Mrs S. Battaloglu - Cleaner

Miss E. Flitton - Cleaner

Ms L. Mehigan - Cleaner

Mrs J. Richmond - Cleaner