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Letters that are sent home every Friday are listed on the weekly newsletter. If you can't find the letter that you are looking for, please ask at the school office.

Letters for the Academic Year 2023-2024

World book day 7.3.24

Activity clubs letter spring term 2

Attendance letter

Enhancing Safety in our school

Y1 Shuttleworth visit on 15.2.24

YR Ragdolly Annas workshop on 15.2.24

Y5 lego computing workshop on 30.1.24

Y6 SATs meeting

Hawk class teacher update 15.1.24

Y4 MTC information morning

Southfield Got Talent audition poster

Y1 indoor camping letter

Sport Newsletter Autumn 2023

Activity clubs letter spring term 1

Parakeet class update

Y5 Greek day letter


Y4 Vikings workshop on 15.1.23

Y6 VE day on 15th December

Southfield christmas dinner

Y6 climb quest visit on 12.1.24

Men R Us activity afternoon on 12.12.23

Y3 Superheroes workshop on 12.1.24

Y2 National Space Centre trip on 30.1.24

KS2 Christmas Performance

KS1 Christmas Performance

Nursery and reception Christmas Performance

Reception visit to the Theatre on 10.1.23

End of term half day letter

Young Voices 2024

Y3 and Y4 Movie Night on 14.12.23

Y3 British Museum trip on 6.12.23

Hawk class teacher update 30.10.23

Term dates letter

Class teacher change years 5 and 6 October 2023

Parents Information Evening on 2.11.23

Activity clubs letter Autumn Term 2

KS2 Glow Disco on 9.11.23

EYs and KS1 Glow Disco on 9.11.23

Y5 and Y6 Movie Night

Y4 Whipsnade Zoo trip on 23.11.23

The Great Southfield Bake Off on 14.11.23

Southfield WOW lunch 5.10.23

Walesby parent booklett

Y4 Walesby residential letter June 2024

Activity clubs letter Autumn 1

DKD clubs letter Autumn 1

Jigsaw Information Leaflet for Parents and Carers

Values Journal Activities - Aspiration

Letters for the Academic Year 2022-2023

Y6 France residential May 2024

Y4 Recorder concert on 13th July

Y5 dress as Victorians on 19th July

Y2 Southend final letter

Y6 Graduation Ceremony letter

Y6 RSE letter

Maths family learning NEW DATE 17th July

Y4 Steel Pan band workshop

Maths Family Learning

Y6 We Will Rock you performance tickets

Y6 Prom letter

Y1 trip to the Toy Museum on 19th July

Y2 trip to Southend on 14th July

Dress up as a Rockstar on 23rd June

Colour Run Sponsor Form

Colour Run on 17th July

Pupil Premuim Free School Meals

Y5 Schools Linking visit on 10th July

Reception visit to Mead Open farm on 13th July

Y2-Y5 girls football club - summer 2 

DKD clubs letter - summer 2 

Multi-games club letter - summer 2 

Activity clubs lettter - summer 2 

Picnic on the field 16.6.23

Y3 Wear PE kit to school

Walesby final details

Y6 SATs reward

Y4 Architecture workshop

Silent Cinema

Y3 Verulamium visit


Y6 leavers hoodies

Street Dance Club

Y6 rehearsal letter

Y3 Synagogue visit

Maths Family Learning KS2 May 23

Maths Family Learning KS1 April 23

Invite to choir

Gymnastics club letter - summer 1

DKD clubs letter - summer 1

Activity clubs letter - summer 1

Y2 BeWilderwood information

Y2 BeWilderwood letter

SHEU survey letter

Y2 initial camping letter

Tapestry to Dojo letter

Mothers Day 2023

Y5 Science trip 

Y5 Black Country Museum

Relish pre-order letter

Relish Till Parent Guide

Southfield Primary Academy 2023 Uniform

CEO letter for Teachers Strike

Industrial Action by NEU Members

Y3 Celtic harmony trip

KS2 Maths Family Learning

KS1 Maths Family Learning

Tops tips parenting course

Y5 Y6 robotic workshop letter

Y3 Superheros letter

Y2 Explorers letter

DKD club spring term 1

Gymnastics Club spring term 1

Activity clubs spring term 1

Y6 Climb Quest

Scarlet Fever

Christmas 2022 Choir events

Y6 VE Day Letter

Operation Encompass Notification letter

Steve Frew Visit

Y3 Whipsnade Zoo

Y4 Invaders and Settlers Workshop

Y4 Swimming January 2023

EYs Christmas Performance

KS1 Christmas Performance

Lower KS2 Christmas Performance

Upper KS2 Christmas Performance

Y3 - Y6 Christmas Lunch

Yr - Y2 Christmas Lunch

Young Voices second letter

NSPCC Speak Out Stay Safe Letter

Y5 Walesby Parent Booklet

Y5 Walesby Introduction letter

Parental Consents Form

Maths Family LearningYoung Voices letter

Application for FSM NRPF

Application for FSM

Y4 Walesby Introduction letter

Y4 Walesby Parent Booklet

Holdenby HouseY6

Water Safety Letter - County (1)

France initial letter (1)

Year 3 London Zoo Visit

Year 4 Ufton Court Visit

Year 5 National Space Centre Visit

Year 5 Autumn Term Swimming LessonsSchool Day (3)

School Day timings letter